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Cory Monteith - 1982 - 2013

kalanafalana Just one of the million times Cory made me laugh. I miss you every day but thank God for getting to share so many good times with someone so amazing.

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Forever In Our Hearts, Cory Monteith.

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Cory Monteith’s Mom - Speaks Out About Her Loss - GMA 7-17-14

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Glee Cast remembering Cory today. Part 1. (Part 2)


I loved Finn Hudson. I loved Finchel. I loved Cory. I never really cared for Lea, but I loved Rachel Berry in the first three seasons. NOw that Finn’s gone, there’s really nothing left to love. Rachel isn’t anything like she was, and I can’t bring myself to root for her anymore. C’est la vie.
fucking kills me everytime.

Coffee break at Sheets n Things?!?

this is so fucking cute… ghisawdiwarhoohif

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Requested: Finchel’s date in New York City. 

I dont know how long i can keep crying but it feels like forever…

remembering cory monteith (4/10)